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As you browse the layers of pages in this updated journal, be sure and catch the light-hearted stories and photos in artful living. And see the recent glass fails and successes in the experimental glass page. And finally some very good progress on two public art commissions. Enjoy!

works in progress


glass for fairbanks, alaska

An artistic vision is starting to materialize into beautiful and curious glass artworks. Three illuminated glass bas-relief sculptures will soon hang on three floors of the new Margaret Murie Building on the campus of University of Alaska Fairbanks.

I'm honored to be one of three artists selected to create site-relevant artwork for this brand new life science research and training facility.

Three up-scaled microscope slides are made of water-jet cut, laminated, dichroic float glass. In the center of each slide is a coverslip or specimen made of mouth-blown art glass.

At left is a concept sketch combining a photo of the actual "streams" art glass and dichoric float glass. It's rough, but it shows the idea.

For this project, I'm employing my experimental glass techniques to embed abstract imagery in the glass.

Read and see more...





silk for liberty middle school

Completion is in sight. Stainless steel brackets are made. Lighting is purchased. Silk is cut, washed (pre-shrunk), hemmed, stretched, and gutta'd - i.e. the entire composition is drawn in resist onto the silks. I'm very pleased with the composition.

When completed, this artwork will be a large silk mural in eleven panels - over three hundred square feet of dye-painted silk suspended from the canted wall, accented by a light effect like sunlight up-bounced off of a rippled water surface.

For so long this silk design has been only a dream. For me, this project began when I first visited the site and met the art selection committee on June 13, 2011. After site visits, brainstorms, proposals, research, conservation reviews, meetings, revisions and more revisions, a clear vision for silk and light emerged.

Now, as the dream actualizes - becomes silk material with gutta and dyes, the voice of this artwork has grown. As I look at the composition emerging on the blank silk, my heart jumps. When friends see the work in progress, they are moved.


I haven't the time or capacity to visually document the project yet. With  help from talented friends and family, I've been shooting video and still photos along the way. After the artwork is installed and celebrated, perhaps then I'll piece together a video story. For now, here are a few photos of the actual art-making in the studio.





I have invested deeply in this project. I've been immersed in the river and have grown much during the process. Read and see more of creative journey.

The project is sponsored by The WSAC Art in Public Places Program in partnership with the Bethel School District.





artful living ~ the colors of summer

high climbing frogs on my studio walls...
garden photos... inspiration, beauty, atmosphere ... so much to see!

Here are some photos - just because.





experimental glass


I continue to collaborate with Seattle glassblower Jim Flanagan to create gently abstracted imagery within colored glass. Click here or on the photo at right to see our most recent sheets of blown glass (and scroll down, as the newest work is near the bottom).

seeking sites

I'm always watchful for suitable sites to employ my new art glass. While its colors glow even from a distance, its antique glass sparkle and illusion of depth are best seen up-close.

I envision this new art glass installed in mid-sized architectural spaces from residences to restaurants, or in offices, hospitals, or churches. Its glowing colors are at once invigorating and soothing - transforming interior spaces with color and light.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the glass temporarily igniting color in my home studio windows.













commission a silk scarf

Want a scarf in specific colors or with a particular favorite image, flower, or motif? Commission a wearable silk painting for yourself or a friend.

It's never too early to plan for holidays, birthdays, or for a "just because" one-of-a-kind gift.





featured links


Tree of Life

Commissioned for a thriving church in the town of Dunwoody, near Atlanta, Georgia.






This mural in dye-painted silk was commissioned for Katchemak Bay Campus of Kenai Peninsula College of the University of Alaska. Discovery was installed in Homer, Alaska, in June of 2012. Read more...



Generations: Incubation

Kenai Peninsula College etched mouth-blown glass public art installation

Click here to read about Generations.

Here is a link to KPC installation photos




stone impressions - watch the art-making process on video

People often ask me how I create a stone lithograph. It's hard to explain in words so I have a short video that shows the process.

Click here for photos and video on stone impressions.





2011 nest images on cotton paper

Click here to see photos of ten new images completed in January 2011




song project - upward call

Read about our spring 2011 kids' pop song project at upward call. Or click on the photo at right to listen to the song or buy it...




silk rivers

Check out my recent river silks inspired by and modeled after the beautiful Fremont antique glass we used for the Kenai Peninsula College installation.




My Grandma's name, Florence, means "to flower" as in the sense of a blossom. And 2012's flowers were an explosion of color. See photos in her memory...




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