steve scheibe


Steve Scheibe is an accomplished and awarded artist with over two decades of professional art experience. He works in a variety of media including serti-painting of silk, oils, print media, stone lithography, etched glass, music, sound, and light - with commissioned works mostly in oil, silk, and glass. His recent public artworks are in glass and in silk, celebrating the illusion of fluidity of these exquisite, transparent materials.

Using mostly natural materials and imagery, Steve explores the potency of metaphor in nature. He loves transforming spaces and changing atmospheres with abstracted and literal patterns of nature. Familiar with overcast days and long, dark winters of Washington and Alaska, Steve brings the colors and light of summer indoors to be enjoyed in every season.

Born and raised in beautiful Washington State, Steve discovered nature in a playground of Cascade and Olympic Mountains, the Pacific Ocean, and Mount Rainier. Read more...


(Bahamas sailing photo credit: Patty Meredith)