OIDA ~ "to know" in Greek

Observation - Imagination - Discovery - Application

The Greek word oida means "to know." The letters of oida are an acronym for words that describe the creative process. This creative process is how we learn or know, and it applies to art and science. I intuitively engage in this creative process in my art-making.

  • My first role as an artist is to be a seer. I'm to look and listen - to observe with all my senses.
  • And I'm to ask and imagine - things possible and impossible.
  • Intertwined is the mystery of inspiration...
  • ...bringing revelation or discovery.
  • The application of my discovery is to share it in a way that also allows viewers the benefit and dignity of personal discovery.

And because the human mind does not willingly regard as common that which is enclosed, by framing my discoveries, I invite others to observe, imagine, and discover ~ and know.

(Thanks to Diane Krusemark, Steve Baliko, and Ryan Green for the Greek connection)