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Sound and music are wonderful media for expression. I hope to eventually fill this page with many more songs and sounds. This first one was a collaboration with Olympia area musicians for the cause of kids and kids in sports. 

a project in sound - upward call

Under the band name Saltern, a gathering of local talent created a rockin' song UPWARD CALL. It was produced, mastered, and finally posted to just in time for Valentine's Day. Our first buyer was someone we don't know in Tennessee. He must have got hit by cupid's arrow when he heard UPWARD CALL.

This was truly a collaborative work and a labor of love. Lyrics are by my brother-in-law Randall Pullar with music mostly by me. We created the scratch demo arrangement at Bay-3 Studio with Michael Heiser. Mike's guitars propel the song into hyperdrive, hopefully giving it appeal to kids of all ages. Speaking of amazing twin nephews Austin and Andrew rocked the song with pitch-perfect vocals in the mix with Mike, Randy, my sister Lynn and me. Friends Steve Roseborough and Kerry Gansberg laid down the bass and drums tracks and also donated recording engineering and mixing time at Reflection Studio in Olympia, WA. About 100 tracks and many many hours's complete - our first ever kid-pop-rock single.
Originally during basketball season, all proceeds went to support UPWARD youth sports in Thurston County.

Enjoy a listen to UPWARD CALL and even buy it for 99 cents online at
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