artful living ~ summer 2013

summer sun and more

Here are shots of frogs, fireworks, family, flowers, and fun. They are natural summer pleasures contributing to my life as an artist. Enjoy!


super frog

How can something so small and fragile climb to such great heights - the second story of my studio?

Tree frogs really like my shaded upper deck on the north side of my studio.

Can you find the tree frog hidden in the planter?

One more frog photo for good measure...



The neighbors put on a great show this year. July fourth is always festive on a lake.



Dad fixed the sailboat rudder.
The laser sailboat was out of commission for too long. I hadn't sailed for years.

Sailing was the perfect work break (and the weather was perfect too). How many people live and work right next to their family and on a lake? I'm rich.

My twin nephews are fifteen and they've never sailed before. Has it been fifteen years since I've sailed? Wow.

First time sailing for my nephews...and yup, they're hooked.

Sailing felt like something long lost was suddenly regained.
So grateful.

(sailing photo credits: nephew Austin)

faux gold rocks

Years back, when my twin nephews were learning to swim, I painted stones gold for them to find in the shallows. Over time, their interest in this game faded. But this summer they revived the game with more challenging rules and strategies for the experienced swimmers. Most of the original stones had been lost in action, so they asked me to paint more.

Having selected perfect "nugget" candidates, I washed the stones, then primed them with red.

Later, when dry, gold was painted over the red. The effect is a bit like gold leaf.

This lovely faux gold nugget will be visible down deep for the water games - like diving for treasure.



Always, always flowers... (right, Monet?)

This black-eyed Susan may not look like much, but it is blooming earlier than usual this year - unfurling its golden petals on the Fourth of July.

The yucca blossom is so unusual.

This is the first year ever we've grown cantelope outside (not in a greenhouse).


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