living artfully - spring 2012

artistic life

I'm intentionally taking note of my artful living - ways I see and think and act which may be a bit unusual, and wonderful. I'm celebrating the extraordinary discovered within the common. Here is a collage of recent random acts of artfullness that are simply a part of how I think and live.

artful sight

There is so much to see - even at night.

Maybe it was the fatigue of allergies or just over-doing life a bit (gotta slow down and live) but I dozed deeply the other night (May 7) prior to going to bed. I awoke around 1:30AM to all the house lights still on. Turning them off revealed a most beautiful blue light - and a full moon. Apparently this time of year is when the moon is closest (largest view) so the brightness and color of the sky were as twilight. So I snapped this photo (It was either 30 or 60 seconds exposure) and voila. The cool air...the actual light cannot be reproduced adequately here.

Oh and my nephews' cat Jasper heard me on the deck and came in for a quick visit - and then was back out to explore. After all, there is so much to see.

living things

Spring is finally here. My seedlings have been growing. My geranium and heliotrope cuttings have rooted and have outgrown the grow-lamp structure. They are becoming tall and leggy as they reach for more. Outside they go now that we're past danger of any frost.

I wonder if planting seeds and watching them grow reinforces and strengthens a person's ability to envision that which is real and coming but is not yet realized - i.e. (artistic) vision. In every year that we witness tiny seeds grow into an abounding harvest, our hope becomes a fullfilled knowing. And conversely, when we lose connection with life seasons and with growing things, perhaps we have fewer tangible (natural world) reminders and evidences of hope and vision fulfilled. Consider that the ability to prepare and wait patiently for delayed fulfillment/satisfaction is powerful.

artful play

On Sunday, April 30, I created my first mosaic design - a brightly colored fish. It will be part of a collaborative public artwork downtown Olympia at the site of a natural artesian well. The public was invited to create mosaic fish that will be adhered to concrete structures around the ever-flowing water.

I observed the process and learned a bit more; not only about making mosaic art, but also about involving the public in creating public artwork.

And while we created, an almost steady stream of visitors to the well filled water containers of all sizes and shapes with fresh, artesian water for drinking.


My winter snow sculptures inspired another artist (with much more snow) to create some whimsical and wonderful creatures. She shared some photos hoping to perhaps inspire others to shape snow  Click here for the photo story...





spring sprang sprung

I don't know that this really qualifies as "artful." Can you identify what's in this photo?

I sliced into a tomato to discover the seeds within had sprouted. The tomato flesh still seemed good. I guess we shouldn't store our tomatoes in the sun room. Given some warmth and light, who can blame these seeds for being so eager to spring into life.

artful home

I live in community with four generations of family; four dwellings on the lake. And each generation contributes artistically. My Mom is always creating something - a quilt or handspun/knit socks. Here is the knit design she adapted to a handbag.

A colorful and musical home - the family piano is lined with colorful yarns from Mexico.

artful dining

I enjoy the culinary arts. Not only do they look nice - they taste even better. The stack of french toast with berries and cream was too photogenic to pass by. Grandma and I savored the sweet-tartness.

That went down too quickly. I was tempted to lick the plate clean.

...resembles my carmine silk dye ... sort of...
...less like a cadmium red...maybe a naphtol crimson...or alizarin crimson.

...and nearly matches the color of the primula flower... intentionally designed of course. One should always color coordinate your centerpeice flowers with main entree.

Actually, we had a few primroses of varied color to choose from, so we could match food and flower that evening. Crazy. Maybe that's living a little too artfully.