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"Incubation" is one third of a collaborative public art project entitled "generations." 120 square feet stained and etched glass for the Riverview Commons study area and walkway. Salmon fry in shades of pink and red heading out to sea create a fluid and colorful abstract pattern in waves of deep sea to turquoise blue and textured clear glass. Obscure patterns of mature salmon are hidden in the waves, swimming to their spawning grounds. Considering KPCs vision of local and broad academic influence, and the site space use being a corridor and commons, the Kenai River became our visual metaphor. The Kenai, with its areas of pools and passages, is an agent of influence, shaping change, incubation and education. Growth and maturation through the discovery, exchange, and application of knowledge is personified in the life-cycle of salmon and in the quiet and moving currents of the Kenai River. This public artwork was commissioned in 2010 and is not for sale, as it belongs to the University of Alaska. See more photos of this project. Also see See a more complete description - photos and documentation of this project.

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