artful living in the cooler season

Here are some snapshots of my creating and discovering of beauty along the way, all in our forever green winter season.



Can we truly can call it winter, when rhodedendron buds are opening pink in the garden? Unless we drive to the mountains, this year we can only dream of a white Christmas. Having lived in Anchorage, Alaska, I know what winter is like. And I love the rain. As my Grandpa always said, "you don't have to shovel rain."


getting the most from this website

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winter wonderland

Above, I'm helping the family select Christmas trees at a farm in Rainier (where we've purchased our trees since I was a child). Traditionally, this takes a long time because the tree has to be "perfect." Thankfully, the sunlight was beautiful and warm.

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living color

flowers in every season...

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artful fire starters

This winter, I gathered pinecones and used candles and transformed them into festive fire-starters for gifts. My wish is that they will warm the hearts and homes of my family and friends who received them.

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new year's day paddle

My new-ish tradition is to kayak Offut Lake on New Year's Day. Here are some curious photos of a pleasant day on the lake. Click or tap the photo at right to see more.

Have a great New Year!









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