winter flora

No matter what season, there are always blooms.

green christmas

December showers bring Christmas flowers (a rhodedendron opening on December 20).

This bright helleborus, also known as "Christmas Rose" is blooming right on schedule.

Below, metallic pigments reflect sunlight on my Christmas Rose artwork.

Here's photo proof that we did have a brief cold snap ... the first frost came in November.


indoor blooms

These thriving indoor plants and bouquets help make the season bright.

This geranium is thriving indoors in the sunroom.

This cactus seems to never stop blooming.

Colors of a hand-made Advent candle arrangement glow in a sunny window.

This arrangment from the Thanksgiving table is lasting well into December.

This rose colored Christmas cactus from Grandma displays graceful, glowing blooms.

This airplant grows simply sitting loosely on a piece of brick (and with an occasional dip in water).





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