virtual business card

My new printed business card features imagery of my main art media--silk, cotton paper, canvas, and glass. Imagery on the flip side is reduced from a single panel of a 300 square foot silk waterfall entitled Illuminated Passage.


of things seen and unseen

Shawn Franklin of E.N.Y. Web Strategies, introduced me to the world of Quick Response Codes (QR codes) and created a virtual business card for me.

The integrated code on my glossy, printed cards can be scanned with a QR Code reader (phone or pad) and it will go to this virtual biz card (click to visit). 

The virtual card is to be easily viewed on a small phone screen, but then directs the viewer quickly to four categories of information. They can follow links from there to contact, purchase, or visit my website journal.

I have a great website, but for a small business without a website, or for a simplified landing pad for phone users, this is a keen idea. Contact Shawn for more info at