art show & sale at lakeside studio

all new watercolor paintings in a theme of "home"


warm thanks

BIG thanks to all who showed support to me in various ways during this painting challenge, and during the studio exhibition the last weekend of April 2018.

Saturday had a quiet pace.

On Sunday, I was overwhelmed (in a good way). Wish I had even more time with each guest.  

And special thanks to T.T. for the Cougar Gold Cheese from WSU's Ferdinand's Creamery.



an artist friend's words

"When I heard that the theme of your new paintings was 'home,' I thought of things domestic. However, your paintings are anything but domestic. They are alive and almost other-worldly in expression!"




from the guest book...

"Your watercolors break the light spectrum apart in the most magical way!"



art chat regarding observation in creative process...

"Perhaps intentionally noticing helps us become more present in our own lives - like children."





home ~ fifty days of painting

Beginning on March 9th, I challenged and permitted myself to paint almost daily for fifty days. I'm painting in a theme of "home" with imagery from my daily life here on Offut Lake. Read more about 50 Days of Painting...

My fifty day painting challenge ends on Friday April 27, the day before the show. Come see my learning curve in a progression of small paintings in water media. Maybe buy one for your home, or for your mom. Mother's Day is coming soon.

Painting #1

painting #2

video below of inspiration for painting...


in dye-painted silk


a full gallery ~ many years of art making

See original art in many media

  • Dye painted silk
  • Oil painting
  • Pastel painting
  • Stone impressions (ink in cotton)
  • Watercolor
  • Art glass
  • Dye-painted silk artwork laminated within glass

You'll also find unique gift items including

  • silk scarves
  • small, original paintings,
  • blown glass garden cloches
  • printed art greeting cards
  • and more

Credit cards and cash accepted.





previous events

summer garden art show and sale

Click on the photo above for a photostory on the July 2017 Art in the Gardens show.



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