cedar artwork in progress

These photos show the creation of the silk artworks using colored resist and dye.


Silk fabric is washed, sewn, stretched, and ready for resist.

The stretched silk habotai is fifty-five inches wide by a bit longer.

Template dimensions are transferred to the silk.

More cedar models are selected and brought into the studio for visual reference.

The drawing begins.


Nearly completed, the silk colors resemble the square laminated sample in the foreground.

a completed silk painting

The silk painting is completed.

Next it is carefully rolled between newsprint and steamed to fix the dyes. Then it is washed, pressed, cut to size, and laminated inside of glass.

Here the silk artwork has been cut precisely into the four shapes. They are ready for laminating between glass.

Photographically skipping a few steps here...the silk was transported, laminated, cut to size, finished, transported to location, and carefully installed.


The left/east side viewed from the living room, installed.

the other side  


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