macroscape slides 

installed winter 2013

Three oversized microscope slides of laminated dichroic glass and mouth blown art glass illuminate the lab entries on the three floors of UAF's new Murie Building.

macroscape: arctic tundra

Macroscape: Arctic Tundra shifts color as the viewing angle changes. Straight on, the colors are cooler like spring. At a steeper angle the colors warm to reds and golds of autumn.


macroscape: sea ice

Macroscape: Sea Ice has three layers of art glass at center so the colors stay icy blue at any viewing angle.

The central "coverslip" of mouth blown art glass glows with LED back-lighting. The illusion simulates the viewpoint from beneath the ice in the ocean.


macroscape: streambed

Macroscape: Streambed is the first use of our new, mouth blown image glass in a public installation. The mouth blown imagery of water and stones depicts Alaska's precious streams. It also resembles tidal waters of Kachemak Bay and southward beyond.

The December sun in Fairbanks is low on the horizon. It shines horizontally into the long hallway from one end of the building to the other, catching highlights on the artwork (photos above and below).


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