solo kayaking in north cascades

restoring my soul

Recently, I have committed myself to pursue quiet solitude twice a year. Winter and summer, I  try to get away from phones and work, to places of beauty and rest. This sanity time restores strength to my whole being.

ross lake summer 2014

In summer 2014, I explored and camped along beautiful Ross Lake. Beginning in Diablo Lake, I portaged to Ross Lake, and kayaked north as far as Boundary Bay, near the Canada border. I adventured through the haze from Eastern Washington fires, sun, rain, wind, and thunderstorms. It was a beautiful time.

Spencer campsite


devil's canyon (heaven's canyon really)

This little finger of Ross Lake is deep waters surrounded by steep cliffs. The air inside is cool. I noticed completely different plants and moss growing here.

The air warmed again as I paddled back out toward the open waters of Ross Lake.

almost fresh air

A smokey haze blew in from Eastern Washington fires to obscure the sun and scenery.


fresh water



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