artful living summer 2017

Here are some snapshots and jotted thoughts about art and gardens...from this artist's perspective.



gardens as living art

Just as a painter chooses colors for the canvas, so a gardener collects and arranges living colors in the garden. Click here to read more about living art...







july flowers


Click to see more photos of the studio gardens in bloom last year



cleaning up for the show

This June, a crew of friends and family transformed the herb garden from weeds to tidy in about four hours. It was downright miraculous. HUGE THANKS to the friends at "The Rock," family, and more friends for your generosity and for doing the impossible.

in progress

Already shaping up...the paths and beds were previously overgrown with weeds (solid green).

and just hours later all cleaned up (below)

Done. I'll finish with compost and bark mulch and these beds are revitalized (and weed free)!

I plan to display potted shade plants here for sale.