artful living summer-fall 2016

colors of late summer

It's good to refresh our weary minds and souls with beauty.
Please enjoy these photos of life here at my lakeside studio.

studio gardens in bloom




july explosion of blooms

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full-fruit season

Apparently dogwood fruit is edible, but mushy. I'm happy to share it with hundreds of birds who love it.

I'm amazed that the fruit above began back in spring as buds and flowers  (below).

My first figs (ever) ripened in August on the Desert King fig tree.

The weight of many Italian prunes this year actually broke branches off our tree.



beauty in a beatle bug



art for fun and for family

a twelve in silk satin for my sister who is an avid Hawks fan...

I sculpted balloons for my twin nephews' eighteenth birthday celebration.
I'm not convinced this is "art" but it is a scupture of sorts and involves creativity.

Grandma's repurposed bird suet feeder will hang as a vertical garden when these succulents root and grow.

sunlight through glass and silk


mountain visit

I'm not sure this is particularly artsy, but being on the mountain is visually inspiring. And the mountain was part of my summer. So here are just three shots of that wonderland, because this page is getting long.

Mount Rainier viewed from just above Paradise.

Snow is summer is always fun (but it's more like slush).


peaceful lakeside home-studio

Look closely for Mt. Rainier.

Fog and sunlight together...

madrona sunrise

Late summer sunset - "red at night...sailor's delight." Inspiring beauty is everywhere.

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