art series description

be scarves ~

The art series of silk scarves by Steve Scheibe is called simply Be.
There is significance in this series title.


The artist writes...

"I observe that we Americans are busy - not necessarily fruitful – just spinning. I propose that within our rushing we have tragically misplaced our true sense of 'being.' And missing with it is our sense of well-being.

Activity and productivity can be good--until they enslave us.

Can we, once again, find our significance in being rather than in accomplishment?
After all…we’re not called human doings but human beings."


from nature ~

Be scarves are luxurious and artfully elegant. They are made of natural fiber and the colorful designs are inspired from nature. Each unique work of art is signed by the artist and sometimes titled according to its source of inspiration.

In the artist's words...

"In all my artwork, I frame the ordinary-profound so that others may take notice of it. For the human mind does not willingly regard as common that which is enclosed. Consider that anything wrapped, boxed, fenced, walled, or encircled becomes noticeably significant.


And so also with my silk ties and scarves, I am wrapping a beautiful “frame” of silk around someone of merit. I’m not adding value; rather I am pointing out the dignity, wonder, and divine image already present in each human being."




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