silk care

to clean your dyed and painted silk, you may...

  • spot clean
  • dry-clean*
  • hand-wash cold
  • air dry or iron dry
  • iron with “silk” setting

*Do not dry-clean silk with metallic "paint" on the surface. While dyes in the silk fibers are permanent, surface paints will be removed in the dry-cleaning process.



Your hand-painted, hand-dyed silk scarf/painting may be hand-washed in cold water.*

  • Use a gentle hair shampoo in a cool water.
  • Water must be cool.
  • Do not leave silk to soak a long time.
  • Rinse well in cool or cold water.
  • Add a little hair conditioner to a final rinse, for softness and to smooth silk tassels if you have them.
  • Blot dry in a towel and hang to dry or iron dry with iron set to “silk” setting.
  • Wipe the iron clean on a moistened, folded paper towel. The iron may pick up color from the silk, then offset the color back onto wet silk. So keep it clean.









neck ties

Handwashing silk neckties is not recommended as it distorts their shape.

  • Spot-clean or find a dry-cleaner who specializes in ties.
  • Do not iron the rolled edges of a tie, thus destroying it's nice dimension. Instead, hold the iron an inch above the tie, steam it and flatten with your hand.
  • Gently rolling your tie can also quickly remove wrinkles.
  • Another way to remove wrinkles is to hang straight the tie somewhere in your bathroom while you shower.