glass cloches

mouth-blown glass cloches

Traditionally, glass cloches (French for "bell") are used to protect tender plants from pests, deer, and frost.
They also make lovely path luminaries.
Or use cloches indoors with candles.

gallery of glass bells

Mouth-blown glass expands like a balloon, shaped at high temperatures.
Colors are from minerals and elements added.

decorative and functional

Edge a deck or pathway with glass luminaries.
Here below they illuminate the edge of our floating dock. One step beyond and you'll be cold and wet.

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Glass cloches add year-round color to a garden. Top with a solar path light and it's a night lantern.

frost protection

Traditionally, cloches are used to protect frost-tender plants from winter cold. My echeveria live outside all winter under a cloche.

Another example of tender echeveria thriving outside in winter snow. I believe it's echeveria imbricata.
Peeking out, the fine-leafed sedum rupestre 'blue spruce' doesn't mind cold at all.

interior decor

Add unique glass sparkle and color to your home or office.


december 2020 cloches gallery

available cloches - until they sell

Each glass cloche is hand-blown so no two are alike.

The photos below are of cloches I have in stock this year (until they sell).
Call 360 264 4301 to purchase them for only $25 each.



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