wedding silk

Many times I have painted silk in front of many audiences to demonstrate the process. But this was a first - dye-painting silk as an interpretation of a song...during the prelude and processional for the wedding of dear friends. The song I painted live is an ancient song from Hebrew texts - known simply as Psalm 126. It is full of hope and promise for a time of bounty and blessing to the bride and groom.

Here is what emerged...still stretched and drying near the quiet stage, as the party had moved to the reception. If you look closely you may see colorful rain and tears falling as if into a stream...joining seven grain seeds tumbling into rich soil...all flowing with one thin, red life-line to a harvest at bottom. Seven full, golden heads of grain celebrate a new season of increase. 

This was the most creative wedding I've ever seen. the colors were warm and festive. The music was amazing...most of it live including original, traditional, and contempory pieces. The ring bearer was a small, friendly robot controlled remotely by brothers of the bride. If I get more photos...I'll paste here.