Homeschool Art Fair

On the last day of April, 2013, local homeschool kids brought art they had made at home and various classes to display and discuss. As the "guest artist" I shared samples of my artwork and commented on each child's artwork.

These were young artists, the oldest around nine years old. I found their art and enthusiasm delightful. Most of the artworks were drawings and paintings. They also displayed jewelry, dyed silk, collage and assemblage. Their artworks exuded a childlike freedom and spontaneity that mature artists long to recover. A few are shown below (by permission).

This young artist created an entire display of horses she drew. From the library, she checked out a horse drawing book and learned completely on her own. The proportions and very well done!

a show horse (above) and a colt (below)

creative patterns and forms...

Completely from the imagination of a child... this artist's theme was "fun."

wonderful and wildly "wet" watercolor windmills...

With such a brief time at the event, I neglected to ask permission to photograph and post here the kids and their art, but all of them would have been great to show here. Excellent creating, young artists!