river life

a commission in transparent oils

Three feet high by four feet wide, this painting embodies many opposites.

  • movement and stillness
  • light and shadow
  • shallows and depth
  • solid and liquid
  • seen and hidden
  • refracted and reflected light
  • hard and soft edges
  • abstraction and realism
  • opaque and transparent pigments


visible and invisible

I love to include hidden treasures in my paintings. This painting is no exception. I've painted invisible beauty into this artwork. I may reveal the hidden things at some time in the future. For now, while they remain unseen so people can first enjoy the visible merits of this painting.


painting progression

Watch the painting progression...



River Life is not for sale as it was privately commissioned and is already purchased.
However, Steve Scheibe is already working on more paintings in oils featuring imagery of water and light. Call Steve to arrange a studio visit to see works in progress.