installing land and sea passage


The stainless steel brackets are secured to the metal-backed sheetrock with expanding nylon toggles, stainless steel screws, and washers. Metals of different kinds do not touch, preventing galvanic corrosion. Thus the brackets are anchored to remain secure for generations.


I (Steve Scheibe) designed the brackets, but they were fabricated by Seattle sculptor Peter Reiquam and his CAD and water-jet teammates. When designed properly, everything works right on installation day. Kudos to Peter and his team.

credit due

On my previous installation, I learned from Dave Durbin ( how to make an installation template, also known as a jig. The jig is in the foreground of the photo at right. It helped me drill my holes accurately and kept the artwork level throughout.

northern light

The northern sky of Alaska provided us extended daylight hours to work. In one long day, we drove to Valdez, acquired a scissor lift, installed the artwork, cleaned and staged the room, and photographed the artwork in context. Of course we also took breaks for meals, including a dinner of local halibut tacos.


Special thanks to Valerie Collins (McConnell-Collins Architectural Glass) for typesetting the lovely art identification plaques hand-crafted by Curtis Hoffer (Creative Artistry).