more gorge-ous photos

Gorge Creek and Gorge Lake in the North Cascades are beautiful; rich with colors and forms and light.

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inside gorge creek canyon


The technical aspects of creating public art require analytical, left-brain thinking. But when it's time to create artfully with the right side of the brain, it's easy to become stuck - artistic block.

Re-viewing these reference photos helps awaken tangible visual inspiration of line, shapes, angles, scale, color and textures. And once again the "fun part" of drawing comes alive with sudden ease. When all else fails, returning to the source of inspiration seems to work best. Photos can ignite memories - the next best thing to actually being there.

Here are more "source" reference photos kept specifically to help kindle creative exression of "canyon."
Enjoy viewing.

rocks ~ shapes, surface, texture

stone & water, balance - imbalance