artful kayaking adventure

ross lake summer 2012

Here is a glimpse of an amazing solo kayak trip up Ross Lake.

Kayaking began in glacier silt blue-green Lake Diablo; five miles to the dam. From there, a truck portaged me over the dam up to Ross Lake.

Ross lake was crystal clear and surprisingly warmer that Diablo.

On the way north to Rainbow Point, I stopped at Cat Island to eat.

My site was high and dry at Rainbow Point.

canopy of pines over my site

Light and scenery invited me to paint in watercolor.

a nice start

The light had cooled by the time I was done painting. Great day.

devil's canyon

I paddled deeply into Devil's Canyon, a branch of Ross Lake that jets between high cliffs.

I re-named it "Angel's Canyon."

Like a dream...tiny (harmless) gnats floated in mist and light over deep green waters.

I filled my water bottles from this stream. The air was cool here, even on the hottest day.

The cliffs that rise above also decend into the depths - seen easily through the clear water - very deep.

a self-timer shot in the morning at one of my camps - to prove I was really there

heading home on calm waters - a perfect trip