new year's day paddle

Keeping with my new tradition, I ventured out onto the lake on January first. The landscape was softened and colors muted by winter's light and moist air.

The sun didn't show up. And a light (and beautiful) rain did. Almost a mist, each tiny rain drop made an expanding ring on the still, smooth surface.

Cormorants eyed me curiously. I moved very quietly in my kayak.

But eventually, they spooked and launched in a flurry of blurry, winged flight.

The west end of the lake is marshy and full of life. Below, a beaver has removed the bark from a fallen tree.

Back at the dock, I took a few photos of the Christmas lights in the mouth-blown glass domes lining the dock. It's a bit of color on an otherwise monochormatic day.


A happy (and mellow) new year's day at the lake.





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