doodle more

I asked for a pencil sharpener for Christmas and now I have very pointy colored pencils. There's something happy about sharpened pencils at the ready. I've enjoyed investing my quiet evening hours making simple, two-dimensional drawings of leaves. It's llike therapy for me - this non-obligatory creating.

These are hand-sized studies on cotton mat board in various natural shades.

Some of my leaves are completely the three below.

Others are modeled after pressed leaves I gathered from the trail this past fall.

I can do one drawing easily in a sitting. But sometimes, if I'm tired, I let it wait until the next evening. No hurries. No deadlines. Just creating quietly.

A bonus: I've discovered still more about layering colors and use of flourescent colors.

They're not for sale.
I've given some as gifts.
So nice to create "just because."